quarta-feira, 21 de abril de 2010


There’s so much under your skin
I just want to discover it forever more
My memory with you is my best scene
I want to be the beat that makes your heart live for

How amazing it is when everything that you touch turns into gold
And how the ocean got small when we were born meant to be one
I’ve got a thousand Suns inside of me
Each one shines just for you

And the light, the heat, the lips
Every detail makes us unique
Makes all our untold history unforgettable
Nobody is lucky as I am to have someone so extraordinary
Nobody has so much unconditional love to give

I never believed in destiny, I was bleeding
I was down in the street, I was praying to the gods
I’ve tried to forget about our connection
And convince myself that love still available to me
That you’ve changed and we didn’t fit together
All of it was excuses to make the fear of not having you disappear
But it is just not possible to be me with someone who is not you

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