quinta-feira, 17 de junho de 2010

Some more

We have everything we need, not all we want
We have each other’s hands and that's all I dream about
We can sing our happiness out loud
Accept my heart and my words and then I can show you
How your life can look so pretty in old pictures too
But tell me, whisper it slowly so I can hear you well
Tell me that you will be free in some way, somehow
That I'm the one who can ring the bell
And suddenly I can believe that I'll be free today or even now
It's only love we are talking over
Don't be so afraid, it's only the true consequence of us
No, don't look at me that way like everything sounds absurd
It may be not love,but it's what this feeling does
It’s already some light very bright
And I don't want this to go waste
Because I won't feel the same
Let me know how you taste
And let me show you it lives anywhere,
'cause it's all around in my air
This is the moment that I've been wainting for
And I want some more, some more
Of you.

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