terça-feira, 1 de setembro de 2009

Do you wanna dance with me?

Let's dance, darling
Do you wanna dance with me under the moonlight?
We could follow our footsteps
We could fly just for tonight
We could be birds and don't spoil the great final
Just leave with me away
I wanna be by your side today and always
I wanna love again
I wanna love you
I wanna you right now, right here, in front of me
I wanna turn you on and turn you off every moment I want to
I wanna dance with you
Here, there and anywhere
Just me and you
Let's dance and dream of our dreams
Our cumplicity of dreaming about the same dreams
Let's share this really magic moment with laghs and music
Let's take a wine and admire the great sea
Let's sleep and wake up without being apart
Let's make love tonight
We could dance all night along.
We could dance on the clouds, in front of your house, in the middle of the street
We could shake right on the corner of my heart
We could kiss when the rain falls down on our faces
Just you, me and the stars.
A real and magical start
We could do all we want to
Just you and me, forever.

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